BOOK of raffle tickets1000 800 500 400 200 100 & duplicates pick size & colour

BOOK of raffle tickets1000 800 500 400 200 100 & duplicates pick size & colour

img{max-width:100%} please don't rely on eBay second class delivery time estimatesif your event is soon pleaseremember eBay quotes very best case rose tinted  

optimistic second class delivery timesand for your peace of mind use the more reliable 

much faster first class post option?

(this could avoid disappointment & you getting grumpy with me ?) what else can I tell you about them?if you do choose 2nd class & they are too late arriving please tell

  Rico Back from September the CEO of Royal Mail 

as I have done my bit the 200 or 100 books are of course only one pair of tickets wide & one pair of tickets deep as per the top left hand corner of the main picture hence these better suited to single ticket sales (tombola/cloakroom) NOTE it is more economical if you let me choose the different colours If you buy several  I will always try to send different colours

A book of easy tear raffle (cloakroom/tombola) tickets with perforated duplicates red or pink can be a problem as the  printers idea of pink may be your idea of red or vice versa (don't give me a hard time tell the printer?)

what else can I tell you about them? if you want even more "bangs for your bucks" try these the 400/500/800/1000 size are better suited to "a strip of 5 sales" They are just 1000 raffle ticket books, 5 to a page or They are just 800 raffle tickets or They are just 500 raffle tickets or . . . !!!

choice of eight colours red - "ish",  yellow, salmon, mustardlavender's blue (dilly dilly lavender's)  green*  covers may vary if the red looks pink remonstrate with the printers they say it's red remember from school that pink is white without the green component?

(no me neither, but it's still true) *ask your Gran she remembers