Clear Unreinforced Flexible Food Grade PVC Tubing  * Multi Sizes and Lengths *MADE IN ENGLAND

THIS AUCTION Is for you to choose size of pipe you require by INTERNAL DIAMETER and LENGTH you want from DROP DOWN BOXES Above. (The first size determines inside diameter of pipe and second the outside diameter)

  If you buy more then ONE length it will be supplied as ONE continuous LENGTH..upto 30 Metres Maximum   ORDER by 2pm (Mon-Fri) and you receive it 99% of times next day within UK... and between 5-10 days if you are outside UK.

The FREE Postage is for UK buyers...Buyers from outside UK postage will be calculated BY Weight & Destination

  Hello and Welcome to my Auction.   Here we have an auction for BRAND NEW PIPES for you to choose size of pipe you require by INTERNAL DIAMETER and LENGTH you want from DROP DOWN BOXES Above.

High quality flexible Tubing made from PVC compound, High gloss crystal clear appearance with glass smooth interior to reduce sediment build-up.

Non-toxic in compliance with FDA food grade requirements to enhance clarity. Clear Unreinforced Flexible PVC Tube Clear PVC tube is ideal for conveying liquids, Water, gases, powders and granules in a low pressure environment. Manufactured from the best materials that the industry has available.     *** WE CAN SUPPLY THIS ITEM UP TO 30 METRE in LENGTH, IF YOU REQUIRE ANY SIZE UP TO 30 METRES, IT WILL BE SUPPLIED AS ONE COIL ...Please check our Auction Click Here for a discounted price ***

    UK Manufactured. Clear Unreinforced Flexible PVC Tubing   Descripition Part No: CPVCMS

SIZE:  Inside Diameter x Outside Diameter Length MULTI LENGTH

Material: Clear PVC Finish. Unreinforced Flexible   Unreinforced PVC Tubing * 100% flexible PVC

* Silicone and cadmium free

* Good UV resistance

* Lightweight and flexible

* Suitable for food use

Technical Information

* Temperatures: -20°C to +55°C. Occasional use up to +65°C. Cold bend temperature –45°C. *

* Smooth bore that ensures an excellent flow rate of the contents

* Full visibility of the flow of contents

* Excellent chemical, corrosion and abrasion resistance

* Good UV resistance

* Wide range of operating temperatures

* Self extinguishing

* Does not support combustion

* BS softness 43/45

* Manufactured to comply with BS EN_ISO5774:2000

* The raw materials are flame resistant and comply with UL94-VO at 3mm thickness

* Bore and tolerances to BS EN_ISO1307:2006

* Raw materials used have FDA or European Directive approvals for use in food contact food grade applications

* Raw material is silicon and heavy metal free

* Raw material conforms fully to RoHS & WEEE Directives

Ideally suitable for many application, such as Automotive, Food Industry, Engineering, Medical, Diary, Fish Aquarium, PLUS many other applications.   Buy - It -Now Price You see is PRICE YOU PAY + FREE P/P ****************************************************** Please note the Postage & Packing cost for this item. Within the UK Mainland Including Channel Islands & European Union (2-3 Day Service to UK Addresses & 5-10 days elsewhere) Additional quantity postage and packing as follows. Each Additional  Length Postage & Packing @ FREE WITHIN UK ONLY

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