Silicone Cable Flexible Wire 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/30 AWG Various Colours

Silicone Cable Flexible Wire 8/10/12/14/16/18/20/22/24/26/30 AWG Various Colours

ShopOur FeedbackAbout usNewsletterContact usShopOur FeedbackAbout usNewsletterContact us Flexible Silicone Wire Cable #m2e-description-image-7820e83064488af64cc5 {width: 438px;height: 438px;} #m2e-description-image-223d3ecef441978b3dee {width: 68px;height: 68px;}#m2e-description-image-1b0ed545f7c0e3d1c757 {width: 68px;height: 68px;}#m2e-description-image-1b0ed545f7c0e3d1c757 {width: 68px;height: 68px;} #m2e-description-image-1b0ed545f7c0e3d1c757 {width: 68px;height: 68px;} #m2e-description-image-1b0ed545f7c0e3d1c757 {width: 68px;height: 68px;} #m2e-description-image-1b0ed545f7c0e3d1c757 {width: 68px;height: 68px;} Specifications Resistant to temperatures up to : 200 degrees C (392 degrees F) Resistant to many solvents / lubricants / chemicals etc. Max working voltage 600V. Item Description Please Note: Reels are not includedWe buy our cables in bulk directly from the manufacturer & cut each order from the reel, so for example if you order 3 of this item, you will receive one single 3m length of  wire, not pre-packed lengths as you would from many other sellers. Choose between: Colour: RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE, GREEN Gauge: 6AWG8AWG 10AWG 12AWG 14AWG 16AWG 18AWG 20AWG 22AWG 24AWG 26AWG 28AWG30AWG Length: 1m, 2m, 5m, 10m, 50mFor Larger quantities click here Extremely flexible due to the high number of fine strands making up this cable. Can be used continuously at temperatures up to 200 °C (392 °F) Resistant to many solvents / lubricants / chemicals etc. Max working voltage 600V. table.large tbody{text-align:center}td,th{padding:6px} @media screen and (max-width:700px){table,tbody,td,th,thead,tr{display:block}tr{border: solid 1px;}thead tr{display:none;}td{border:none;border-bottom:1px solid #eee;position:relative;padding-left:50%}td:before{position:absolute;top:6px;left:6px;width:45%;white-space:nowrap}         td:nth-of-type(1):before { content: "Size"; } td:nth-of-type(2):before { content: "Colours available"; } td:nth-of-type(3):before { content: "Outer dia Ø"; } td:nth-of-type(4):before { content: "Conductor cross section"; } td:nth-of-type(5):before { content: "Max continuous current"; } td:nth-of-type(6):before { content: "Strand Dia Ø"; } td:nth-of-type(7):before { content: "Strand Count"; } }

Size Colours available Outer dia Ø Conductor cross section Max continuous current Strand Dia Ø Strand Count 6AWG RED, BLACK 7.6mm 13.1mm² 175A 0.08 mm 2600 8AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE 6.5mm 8.4mm² 125A 0.08 mm 1600 10AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE 5.4mm 5.3mm² 80A 0.08 mm 1050 12AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE 4.5mm 3.3mm² 45A 0.08 mm 680 14AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE, GREEN 3.6mm 2.1mm² 32A 0.08 mm 400 16AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW 3mm 1.3mm² 22A 0.08 mm 252 18AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW 2.3mm 0.82mm² 18A 0.08 mm 150 20AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW 2mm 0.52mm² 11A 0.08 mm 100 22AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE 1.8mm 0.33mm² 7A 0.08 mm 60 24AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE 1.6mm 0.22mm² 4.5A 0.08 mm 45 26AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE 1.5mm 0.15mm² 3A 0.08 mm 30 28AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE 1.3mm 0.08 mm² 1.8A 0.08 mm 16 30AWG RED, BLACK, BLUE, YELLOW, WHITE 1.2mm 0.057mm² 1.2A 0.08 mm 11

The cable is capable of withstanding short surges of several times these ratings. As an idea of what size is used for what, here is a guide to what we use it for:  8AWG - -----------------

10AWG - Big lipos >5,000mAh

12AWG - Big lipos >3,300mAh, biggest that will fit 4mm bullets, XT60, Deans, Tamiya etc.

14AWG - Most common, used on SubC NiMH packs, lipos >2,000mAh, motors etc.

16AWG - Airsoft mini batteries, Lipos >1300mAh

18AWG - AA power packs, Lipos >1,000mAh

20AWG - Small power packs, thickest wire that will fit JST connector, Mini-T connectors etc.

22AWG - Receiver batteries, commonly used for Futaba, JST etc connectors, LED & low power lighting

24AWG - Light weight receiver batteries, LED lighting.

26AWG - ---------------

28AWG - ---------------

30AWG - --------------- Delivery Information We endeavour to ship every order within 1 (working) day of being placed. Returns If you're not 100% happy with your product, you can return it to us within 30 days. Terms of Sale We ask for payment or contact within one week of the auction close. We endeavour to ship every order within 1 (working) day of being placed. Unlike many of the products currently advertised on Ebay, these are shipped from the UK, and so in the majority of cases where 1st class post is selected, they will be received the day after we receive payment - just check our feedback to see this. We also offer a guaranteed next day carrier service for UK mainland destinations. If you require a guaranteed express service to other parts of the UK, please contact us first for an accurate price.

We will ship to ANYWHERE in the world - as long as the Royal Mail will let us! Buyers from Italy please note that we will only ship to Italy using the International Signed-For service, this is due to the very high levels of Italian buyers who claim that goods have not been received, if in any doubt, just ask for an accurate price. Where payment is by cheque we usually ship straight away - we won't make you wait for a week! If you buy from any of our other auctions as well, please contact us for a combined postage amount, this will usually save you money over the way Ebay will calculate it, due to the fact that Ebay cannot apply postage discounts where items have come from different listings.You may also be interested in 100m of Silicone Cable Shop Categories Rechargeable BatteriesRadio Control BatteriesAirsoft BatteriesAirsoft Lipo BatteriesBattery ChargersLeads & Connectors Heatshrink & Shrink-WrapCable & WireSealed Lead-Acid BatteriesLithium Camera Batteries Coin & Button Batteries LEDsAlkaline BatteriesServosBattery TestersResistorsR/C ElectronicsMotorsBrushless MotorsESCOthersNewsletter Subscribe to our eBay newsletter to receive our latest news and promotions. SubscribeFree UK DeliveryWorldwide ShippingSame Day Dispatch30 Day ReturnsCopyright © ltd All rights reserved  Registered in England & Wales No: 5614975.aucCounter a { text-decoration:none; }.aucCounter span:hover { text-decoration:underline; }.aucHiddenCounter { display:none; }.aucCounterOrangeText { color:#FB6D05; font-family:Arial; Font-size:13px; Font-weight:bold; }.aucCounterBlueText { color:#0068ac; Font-family:Arial; Font-size:11px; }

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