Just For Men Colour Dye Gel Moustache and Beard

Just For Men Colour Dye Gel Moustache and Beard

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Eliminates Grey and Enhances Facial Hair   Reinforces your natural colour and gives your facial hair a more consistent, balanced and fuller look   Easy to brush in   Specially designed brush makes application simple. Grey is gone in 5 minutes   Formulated For Facial Hair   Penetrates course, resistance facial hair. No-drip thick gel conditions and softens as it colours     Contents of package; Colour Base 14.2g Natural Colour Developer 14.2g Applicator brush Plastic Gloves Mixing Tray Easy to follow Instructions Please read instructions before us and a test patch is highly recommended before use. Keep out of reach of children   Listing is private and item will be sent discreet packaging. Item box will be flat packed to save you on postage.

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