Chunky Mixed Glitter Eyes Lips Body Hair Face Festival Dance Club Cosmetic

Chunky Mixed Glitter Eyes Lips Body Hair Face Festival Dance Club Cosmetic

Cosmetic Glitter Chunky and Super Chunky Glitter MixPerfect for Hair Eyes , Body and Face PaintingSatisfaction guarranteed, no quibble returns within 30 days and very fast turnaround, please check our feedbackWelcome to Foxy Faces Glitter mix collection, Mixed in the UK to ensure consistency and quality, we have blended together an exciting range of cosmetic festival glitter mixes. We attend a lot of Festivals during the summer, come and see us if you're there, we sell the products and we also apply face glitter so we know what you want !!!Tested and USFDA approved our mixes are a combination of 5 grades of high quality PET glitter, combining exciting and vibrant metallic colours with multi faceted holographic shades and iridescent particles.

Pots and Refill Bags: Metallic Holographic Iridescent Neon Perfect For Eyes, Lips, Hair, Body, Face And For FestivalsAll Our Glitter is P.E.T Glitter Cosmetic GradeFed up with your glitter smearing, running or wiping off....try our Glitter Face and Body adhesive, We guarantee satisfaction, Totally festival proof it will keep your glitter in place all day and night, but can be gently cleansed using make up wipes or soap and water. it is a high quality fully tested and safe water based product used by professional make up artists in the film, fashion, modelling and theatrical industries. It will keep your glitter in place all day and night, but can be gently cleansed using make up wipes or soap and water. Find at the very bottom of the drop down menu.F01 Forest green : A Light Jade green holographic 3mm base colour lighter and darker dust and 1mm particles

F02 Pretty in Pink : Baby pink holographic  base colour silver and darker 1mm and dust particles

F03 Ruby Slippers : Red holographic and copper holographic base dust to 3mm particles

F04 Purple flame : Purple holographic and gold metallic base dust to 3mm particles, 

F05 Frozen Blue : Light blue Metallic base  smaller holographic particles 

F06 Ocean Blue : Dark Metallic 3mm blue base with iridescent 2mm, metallic 1mm and dust 

F07 Vampire : Holographic Purple and Dark silver 3 mm metallic base, dust to 1mm particles 

F08 All Gold : All holographic and Metallic Gold particles, dust to 5mm

F09 Chrome : Dark Metallic silver base a few smaller holographic silver particles

F10 Spangly Silver : All Silver Holographic and Metallic particles, dust to 5mm 

F11  Bubblegum : Metallic Pink Gold And Holographic Jade 3mm Base, small holographic  particles

F12 Emerald isle : Dark green 3mm Holographic base a few gold flakes, with light green and silver dust and 1mm particles

F14 Unicorn tears : Metallic Pink & Light Blue 3mm Base, small holographic particles and a few Pink & blue stars

F15 Carnival Blitz: Gold And Holographic Purple, a few Holo purple smiley faces, Same colours in dust and 1mm 

F16 Metallic Bronze & mid Blue 3mm , A few red hearts , bronze, silver and blue Holographic 1mm & dust 

F17 Rainbow Rave: A Multicoloured Mainly Metallic mix 1-6mm, with Holographic Small Particles Throughout

F18 Queen of Hearts : Mainly Gold and Silver With Red Holograhic Hearts Dotted in

F19: Mermaid Tears : Gold, Light Blue and Jade Green 3mm, Holographic and Metallic sheen

F20 : Kandy Krush : All Holographic Multicoloured mix, Imagine a Glittery Sweet Shop !!!!

F21 Cleopatra's Consort : Bronze and Holographic Apple Green with Hints of Gold

F22 Lady Lilac : Metallic Lilac and Silver with some holographic Silver too.

F23 Burnished Gold : Golden Metallic Flakes with Copper and Holographic Mocha, 3mm, 1mm and dust,a dark golden mix

Then We have 2 Mini Mixes, smaller particles, still chunky Hexagon shapes but nothing bigger than 2mm and 95% is 1mm or smaller

MM1 Frozen Blue : F05 Frozen Blue : Light blue Metallic base  smaller holographic particles

MM2 Pretty in Pink : Baby pink holographic  base colour silver and darker 1mm and dust particles 

Please be aware that the colours may differ very slightly from those on your screen due to the limitations of technology!! But we are happy to refund you if you return them for any reason, we don't get many back at all !!

This glitter Range Is Glitter mixes, available in 5 and 10ml pots, 10g, 20g and 50g bag sizes.Our Metallic Glitter Is A1 Quality, Bright And Really Shiny It Captures Light From Every Angle, Making Bold Sparkly Statements Of Colour. Our Holographic Glitter Has a Prismatic Effect, It Reflects Light Across the Colour Spectrum, Throwing Hints Of Other Colours Into The Mix, Creating A Fabulous EffectThe Iridescent Glitter Has A Slightly Pearly, Almost See through Quality Again Reflecting Light with added ColoursEach bag Weighs 10g, 20g or  50g. Our Pots Contain 6g or 3g Select your products In Drop Down Menu. BUY 3 GET3 FREE (simply add the 6 items you want to your basket, ebay will automatically adjust the price)

Our glitter is suitable for a wide range of applications including:Loose Glitter Eye Shadow (Glitter eyes)Glitter LipsNail Art Face And Body Glitter Tattoo'sBath BombsSoapPressed Glitter

You can rest assured that at Foxy faces, we  have done our homework, all our products are tried and tested on the demanding festival and party circuit, now go and make an entrance !!!Please see the other items in our shop  for products that compliment and combine with these  Chunky Glitter mixes , we have chunky blended glitter, individual rhinestines, silver and gold foil tattoos, as well as the very best quality water based body and face glues.Chunky and Super chunky Festival Glitter mix