Olimp Ginseng Vita Complex Extract Korean Panax Wellness

Olimp Ginseng Vita Complex Extract Korean Panax Wellness

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Ginseng vita-complex™ is a composition of superior-quality extracts from two types of ginseng: Korean Panax ginseng and Panax quinquefolium, standardized to ginsenosides and enriched with black pepper extract and a complex of 12 vitamins.

Ginseng - a legendary plant, consumed for more than 4000 years. It owes its properties primarily to a complex of substances called ginsenosides.

Scientific research has proven that ginseng: - has a positive effect on tiredness and fatigue- supports maintaining proper physical functioning- improves concentration, coordination and alertness- supports immune system functioning- supports sexual vigour- participates in maintaining the body's vitality

Ginseng vita-complex™ has been additionally enriched with a complex of 12 vitamins (100% of recommended daily allowance) and black pepper extract, which enhances nutrient absorption, helps maintain the proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and increases the efficiency of other herbal components. 


Nutrition information  1 capsuleKorean ginseng (Korean Panaxginseng extract) 7% of ginsenosides 200 mgAmerican ginseng (Panaxquinquefolium extract) 5% of ginsenosides 250 mgBlack pepper extract 2 mgVitamins Vit. A 800 µg (100%*)Vit. D 5 µg (100%*)Vit. E 10 mg (100%*)Vit. C 60 mg (100%*)Vit. B1 1,4 mg (100%*)Vit. B2 1,6 mg (100%*)Niacin 18 mg (100%*)Vit. B6 2 mg (100%*)Folic acid 200 µg (100%*)Vit. B12 1 µg (100%*)Biotin 150 µg (100%*)Pantothenic acid 6 mg (100%*)

* RDA – recommended daily allowance 

Ingredients : American ginseng extract (Panax quinquefolium extract), Korean ginseng extract (Korean Panax Ginseng), vitamins (L-ascorbic acid - vitamin C, dl-α-tocopheryl acetate - vitamin E, nicotinamide - niacin, D-biotin, retinyl acetate - vitamin A, calcium D-pantothenate - pantothenic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride - vitamin B6, cholecalciferol - vitamin D, pteroylmonoglutamic acid - folic acid, tiamine mononitrate - vitamin B1, riboflavin - vitamin B2, cyanocobalamin - vitamin B12), black pepper extract Bioperine®, microcrystalline cellulose - filler, magnesium stearate - anti-caking agent, capsule (gelatin - capsule coating, colour: E171).


Recommended use:1 capsule once daily after a consultation with a physician.

Dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute of balanced diet. Balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are also recommended.

Ginseng food supplement is recommended for physical and mental strain, as well as in the situations of lowered sexual fitness. Many studies have shown the positive effects of ginseng extract in regulating cholesterol level, supporting diabetes therapies, the treatment of hepatic disorders and boosting immunity.

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