Engraved Pet Tags / Pet Discs

High Quality nickel plated or brass pet tags.

All pet tags are manufactured from solid brass and have either a nickel coating or a burnished brass finish.

Choose your size and design :- 

20mm Round, 25mm Round, 29mm Round, 38mm round, 38mm Wide Bone (Centre Hole),  38mm Wide Bone (End Hole),27mm wide heart and 30mm wide heart..

DPS Engraving is a well respected engraving company - our impeccable feedback gives you a good idea of the genuine care we have for our customers. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and I can assure you every single order is given our utmost attention. Your Pet Tag will be engraved on one or both sides. If the engraving isn't specified if it is needed on the front or back, we will lay out the information the best we can to give the clearest and most legible text. By default we will always engrave pet tags in capitals as it allows for a larger font size but if you would like a different font or it engraved in a different case, it is no problem- just let us know.

We use the latest computerised Engraving Machines fitted with a diamond cutter on all orders to ensure the highest quality engraving and your new pet tag will be supplied with a high quality 14mm stainless steel split ring. Please note, the split ring is designed to hold the pet tag on your dog collar - it shouldn't be used to attach your dog lead as it may not withstand the pull of a large dog.

Engraving is included on all of our pet tags except the 20mm blank tag. The 20mm is offered for sale without engraving due to a customer demand for plain tags that customers can engrave themselves. As we are not engraving these, we can offer them for sale at a significantly reduced price (99p with a split ring including P&P !).The pet tags are manufactured from brass and either have a burnished brass finish or are nickel plated. 

POSTAGERoyal Mail postage is free of charge. We try wherever possible to ensure your pet tag is received before your estimated date of delivery on Ebay. Occasionally, we may post your item by 1st class post rather than 2nd class to help ensure the date is achieved.If your item is urgent, for just £1, your order will be prioritised and posted 1st class. If your order is super-urgent, we can send items by special delivery at a cost of £7.00 where it is guaranteed to be received the following day.

HOW CAN I LET YOU KNOW MY ENGRAVING INFO?There are a couple of ways of leaving the information for us. You can either leave a 'note to seller' on Paypal when making the purchase or send a messagethrough Ebay. If you send a message and don't receive a reply, please take it that your order has been processed normally. Due to high demand, we will generally onlycontact a customer if there is a problem for example if the engraving details don't fit on the pet tag or if we haven't received any engraving details.Please remember, we will never send out a pet tag that isn't engraved unless a blank tag is purchased from the drop down or we are advised by a customer.If we don't receive engraving details, we will simply send you a message through ebay. 

HOW MUCH TEXT WILL FIT?That really depends on the tag you choose. We will always aim to fit all of your text as per your message or we occasionally may have to abbreviate some words suchas road to rd. etc. Please bear in mind that the more text we engrave, the smaller it will be so it really is a case of less is more.The 20mm discs are only the size of a 1p and two or three short lines of text is best. The bone with the centre hole can only fit two lines on each side - if you need more than two lines, the bone with the end hole may be better. The rest of the pet tags will pretty much fit anything on within reason. If the text doesn't fit, we will send you a message through Ebay. What we certainly won't do is squeeze the text onto your pet tag in such small text that it is illegible! The aim of the pet tag is that you can be easily identified if your pet is lost so we will always make it as clear as possible.

HELP!If you have any problems whatsoever with your order, please simply send a message through eBay.This will enable us to deal with your query quickly and efficiently. Your full satisfaction is paramount andwe always like to ensure every customer is a happy customer.

Thank You for taking the time to view our listing.