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Number 0-9, 5 Colours Available


Item Description

All the balloons are checked and flat packed individually.

Cold air can cause the balloon to appear deflated.

Exposure to warm air will restore proper inflation

Do not expose the balloon to extreme heat as it may cause balloon to burst

Metallic balloons may conduct electricity.

Do not release outdoors.

Do not use near overhead power lines or exposed wiring.

Easy to inflate: 40 inch can add helium or Air / 16 inch 32inch can add air

You can use a balloon pump on these or even use a straw to blow them up.

Please note

1.The 6 and 9 balloon; the 2 and 5 balloon are the same (just switched upside down) The 8 balloon also looks like a S before it is inflated.

2.All Balloons are checked prior to postage. Balloons can be easily damaged if not inflated properly therefore we advise that all balloons are inflated by professionals using professional equipment.

3.When the balloon is inflated, it is recommended to fill 80% full and keep a little elasticity. If the inflation is too full, the balloon is quickly leaked or directly detonated.

4. Size 16/32 inch won't float even if it is filled with helium.

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The number you choose

1x straw(Free)

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