European car travel Driving kit In Europe EU Car Van Caravan Vehicle GB EURO

European car travel Driving kit In Europe EU Car Van Caravan Vehicle GB EURO


Please Note

!If purchasing stickers, High Vis, Breathalysers or the Hammer then unless it is purchased with any of the other products they will be sent via Royal Mail 2nd Class!

Available Options 

Eurolite Headlamp Beam Converters:

Designed to Make your UK Headlights Road legal in Europe, This item is designed to easily stick to your headlamps and adapt them for use on the wrong side of the road. 

High Visibility Vest:

Standard Hi Vis Vest avaialble in S, M, L, XL and XXL

Please be aware that if you are planning on wearing a vest over a coat or large jacket, we advise going up a size.

Warning Triangle:

Warning triangles should be placed an appropriate distance from the hazard to allow other drivers to safely stop, or avoid it.

GB sign: 

available in a Sticker or Magnet

Covers the International Reaquirement to have the vehicle's true country of origin displayed

Alcohol Breathalyser:

Pair of alcohol testing breathalysers required for traveling in France 

Bulb Kit:

On the Spot Fines are issued in several EU countries if you have a bulb out, and a Spare Bulb Kit is required in France

Fire Extinguisher:

Compact aerosol factory sealed BC Dry Powder fire extinguishers designed for use in vehicles, 

Available as either regular size (600gsm) or large (950gsm)

First Aid Kit: 

This compact first aid kit contains all the elements needed to cleanse, dress and bandage. The kit is ideal for travelling in the car or on holiday, or simply in case of emergencies at home.

Kit Contains:   

1 x Adhesive tape DIN 13019-A 5 m x 2,50 cm

4 x Adhesive bandages DIN 13019-E 10 cm x 6 cm

2 x Fingertip plaster

2 x Finger plaster 12 cm x 2 cm

2 x Plaster strips 1,9 cm x 7,2 cm

4 x Plaster strips 2,5 cm x 7,2 cm

1 x Compressive bandage DIN 13151 K

2 x Compressive bandage DIN 13151 M

1 x Compressive bandage DIN 13151 G

1 x Dressing-Pad DIN 13152 BR 40 cm x 60 cm

1 x Dressing-Pad DIN 13152 A 60 cm x 80 cm

2 x Fixative bandage DIN 61634 FB 6 6 cm

3 x Fixative bandage DIN 61634-FB 8 8 cm

1 x Rescue blanket 160 cm x 210 cm, silver/gold

6 x Wound compresses 10 cm x 10 cm

2 x Triangular bandage DIN 13168-D

1 x Scissors DIN 58279-A 145

4 x Disposable gloves according to DIN EN 455

2 x Cleansing wipes for cleaning intact skin

1 x First aid instruction booklet

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