Summer Holiday at Discounted Prices

Summer Holiday at Discounted Prices

Hi and welcome to my listing. I want to help you find that amazing holiday you've been searching for, at a bargain price. 

I'm going to start by telling you a bit more about me. I own and run a successful ski holiday company (see my other listings for proof). Owning a travel company has taught me a lot about the industry and particularly about how to get the best deals. Through my travel contacts, I have been able to access a brand new system which allows me to access thousands of hotel rooms, at wholesale prices. Ever wondered how the big travel companies can offer great deals and still make a profit themselves? Answer - they buy them wholesale off this system. 

What I'm proposing:Now I realise you are probably thinking this is some big scam, so to ease your fears I am offering two 'safety nets' - 1. You pay through Paypal, so you have full buyer protection 2. I will happily refund you the 99p if you are not satisfied with what I find.

How it works:You purchase this auction for 99p. When purchasing, give me as much info as you can about where you would like to go, number of people, dates, hotel star rating etc. The more information I have, the better deal I can find. It is also much better if you are open to destination i.e don't pick particular hotels, pick the island you want to go to. Different hotels give different deals so try not to set your heart on 1 hotel, as you may not get the best deal on that hotel.I will then search around and come back to you with what I find. I will try to come back to you within 48hours. You can then decide to book or ask for your money back :) simple. 

I can also get prices for villas, flights, car hire and activities (although I've found hotels offer the biggest savings).

I'm sure you will probably have questions, so please do ask