* 89p ! * MEERKAT MOVIES 2-for-1 CINEMA TICKET CODE, Odeon Vue CineWorld

* 89p ! * MEERKAT MOVIES 2-for-1 CINEMA TICKET CODE, Odeon Vue CineWorld
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1 code £0.89, 2 codes £1.49,3 codes £1.99. Make offer and I will accept it immediately.

One code for £0.89p, 2 codes for 1.49 or 3 codes for £1.99 or 4 codes for £2.49. Just select 1 in quantity and offer one of the amounts. I will automatically send you the correct number of codes based on the offer amount.  When buying single code, kindly pay the full price £0.99p. The £0.10p refund will be sent within next 24 hours. Limited Time Sale only.Only Valid to watch a movie on a Tuesday or Wenesday but you could make booking upto 6 days in advance online or at the box office.  Simply, its a buy one get one free offer so get One free Adult or Child ticket when you buy one ticket. You can claim a free ticket by showing this code at the booking counter or book online when you buy a full adult or child ticket on this week either Tuesday or Wednesday.INSTANT CODE. I will send the code in a few minutes as soon as I receive the order.If you are an Adult with Child, you can save more by booking the Child ticket which will give you a free Adult ticket.Save extra 50p per code when you buy more than 2 codes. If you need 2 codes just select 1 in quantity and offer £1.49. If you need 3 codes just select 1 in quantity and send an offer of £1.99, If you need 4 codes select 1 in quantity and send an offer of £2.49, If you need 5 codes select 1 in quantity and send an offer of £2.99 and so on. Just add another 50p for any number of additional codes. I will accept the offer within next 5 to 10 minutes.Free Ticket works at Odeon, Cineworld, Empire, Vue and Showcase cinemas. You can check if you local cinema is participating in this offer using the Meerkat Movies Website. If your Local cinema shows a Golder Star on the search, it means that the cinema is participating in this offer and you can use the 2 for offer at this cinema.The code also works Online at participating cinemas. i-e: Cineworld, Odeon and Vue. It also works with Cineworld Unlimited Card when you book online or at the till. Please note you have to pay £0.70p booking fee if you book online whereas its free when you book at the till. For Odeon Online booking, Simply enter your code in "Your Order" step.Code will be sent by eBay email message.Please note:The code is normally sent as soon as you order but if you need the code in hurry, please send me a message on ebay to find if I am online.  The free ticket is valid for 2D movies only. If you buy a 3D or an IMAX or a D-Box movie ticket, you will get the discounted 2nd ticket but you have to pay 3D/IMAX/D-Box price difference. 3D cost varies between cinemas and it normally between £1.49 to £2.50 whereas IMAX and D-Box charges are between £4The code will be sent ASAP when you ordered between 8am and 11pm Monday to Friday or 11am to 11pm Saturday & Sunday otherwise it will be sent next morning.

You can also book the tickets up to 6 days in advance either at the box office or online. Book in advance to avoid disappointment.