Pre made Russian Volume Fan Lashes 3D Mink Eyelash Extensions Noir J B C D Curl

Pre made Russian Volume Fan Lashes 3D Mink Eyelash Extensions Noir J B C D Curl

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Return on Investment320 fans/960 lashes = 2 Russian Volume 3D Full Sets (Earning potential £200 @£100 per full set)Plus cut volume lashing application time in half. Gain more return clients with fluffy full lash line & seamless application!Noir 3D 0.10 fan: approx. 75% weight of a classic single 0.20 mink lash

Noir 3D 0.07 fan: approx. 37% weight of a classic single 0.20 mink lash

For the best resultRecommended Tweezers: LashArt Universal TweezersRecommended Adhesive: Noir Jetset Adhesive (5g/3g/1g)

ApplicationPull the fan off the strip with tweezers by holding all 3 lashes (in the middle) and gently pulling towards you. They are easily removed thanks to our special low tack tape. Fans can be used alone or mixed with pro handmade volume fans/classic lashes to create Russian Volume Set/Hybrid Set.

About Noir Pre-made Volume LashesMATERIAL    Completely hyper-allergic. Inheriting all the great features of our ever-popular classic Noir lashes, Noir Pre-made Volume Lashes are ultra-light weight, with superior curl retention and iconic radiant jet-black sheen.  LIGHTWEIGHT    All Noir Pre-made Volume Lashes have been designed to ensure they weigh less than a classic single 0.20 faux mink lash, especially Noir 0.05 Pre-made Volume Lashes which are the lightest pre-made lashes to create 9D – 16D mega volume sets or for clients with weak natural lashes.APPLICATION    Easily detach from tape and apply to one natural eyelash hair by classic 1:1 technique, effectively tripling the volume. Saving your time (or your staff time) for more appointments.RETENTION    Precisely & firmly glued at the root with our special manufacture technique. Noir Pre-made Volume Lashes have a very short and thin invisible base - completely knot free - perfect for ‘wrap on’ from side to gain maximum lash retention.STYLING    Available in 0.05/0.07/0.10 (mm) diameter from 2D to 9D, 7mm to 15mm in single and assorted lengths. Every size you require to achieve the desired style & look. Unique bespoke designs available.

Customer FeedbackI can't tell you how amazing these lashes are been using for over year fab!Buyer   87kirstyk17-Dec-18

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