1001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies - Read on PC/SmartPhone/Tablet

1001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies - Read on PC/SmartPhone/Tablet

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Practice makes perfect—and helps deepen your understanding of algebra II by solving problems1001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies takes you beyond the instruction and guidance offered in Algebra II For Dummies, giving you 1001 opportunities to practice solving problems from the major topics in algebra II. Plus, an online component provides you with a collection of algebra problems presented in multiple choice format to further help you test your skills as you go.Gives you a chance to practice and reinforce the skills you learn in Algebra II classHelps you refine your understanding of algebraWhether you're studying algebra at the high school or college level, the practice problems in 1001 Algebra II Practice Problems For Dummies range in areas of difficulty and style, providing you with the practice help you need to score high at exam time.

1,001 questions with step-by-step solutionsThis handy guide, with free access to online practice problems, gives you 1,001 opportunities to practice solving problems that you'll encounter in your Algebra II course. Starting with a review of algebra basics and ending with sequences, sets, and counting techniques, it covers everything from solving non-linear equations and inequalities to graphing lines, on to functions and systems of equations and inequalities — plus lots more! Every practice question includes not only an answer but a step-by-step explanation. Solving problems online, you'll track your progress, see where you need more help, and create customized problem sets to get you where you need to be.Start with the basics — powers of binomials and patterns in those powers, solving linear equations, radicals, and complex numbersGet radical — factoring, the square root rule, the quadratic formula, completing the square, and radical numbersPut the "fun" in functions — linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, and logarithmic functionsSolve systems — two or more equations, algebraic techniques, and matrices used to solve systemsAn eye toward the future — solve problems involving sequences, series, and sets to prepare for probability and statistics(More) practice makes perfect — use your free one-year subscription for on-the-go access to all 1,001 practice problems onlineGo beyond the book. Get online and find:One year free subscription to all questionsOn-the-go access any way you want it — from your computer, smartphone, or tabletMultiple-choice questions on all your math course topicsPersonalized reports that track your progress and help show you where you need to study the mostCustomizable practice sets for self-directed studyPractice problems categorized as easy, medium, or hard