PVC Tube Clear Plastic Hose/Pipe - Food Grade - Fish/Pond/Car/Aquariums/Air

PVC Tube Clear Plastic Hose/Pipe - Food Grade - Fish/Pond/Car/Aquariums/Air

Non -reinforced technical hose. Transparent hose, made of best materials according to latest formula, similarly to REFITTEX THRC. Similar parameters as reinforced technical hoses. Suitable for air flow, food substances, plant protection chemicals and light chemicals. In accordance to European standards Reg. (EU) 10/2011 + Stimulants, it is suitable for food contact. Used in many branches of industry, agriculture, medicine and motorization.

Hose transparency allows constant visual control over material flow and notice possible contamination. Does not lose its flexibility for long time and does not harden. Pressure resistance depends on liquid temperature and hose diameter. Working temperature: from -20C° to +60C°.

Pipes  are:

- very flexible

- durable, resistant to light and oxygen

- have a high abrasion resistance

- self-extinguishing after removal from flame

- insensitive to chemicals

- conditionall resistant to oil and petrol

- conditionall resistant to non-pressure hot water flow

- suitable for sterilization

- environmentally friendly, cadmium free

- free of toxic components

Please be aware that the pipes are sent as coils so expect some kinking

*Please note that due to new EU regulations some sizes of tube within this listing will have the Glass & Fork logo and sign writting printed at regular intervals along its length