Coin stands / holder - 3 sizes. Perfect for coins and artefacts. Fibula stands

Coin stands / holder - 3 sizes. Perfect for coins and artefacts. Fibula stands
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These coin stands have been designed, engineered and made to enable small to large coins to be displayed in a subtle manner. The coin is the star, not the stand. We were looking for suitable stands to display our metal detecting finds and were surprised to see nothing really existed other than the large easel stands which only really work with very large coins.

Our stands have 2 grooves so can support either the coin alone, or the coin in a case if preferred. They can also support and display many artefacts in a much nicer way than just having them placed flat in your display.

The smallest stand is shown with a hammered halfpenny- one of the smallest coins you can find. The medium with a clipped lizzie shilling and a half crown in the large holder. The main photo shows my milled silvers, plus a cartwheel penny at the back which the large stand comfortably holds.


(eg £2.50 for 10 small, £3.50 for 10 medium and £4.50 for 10 large )

JUST ADDED MAY 2018 - FIBULA STANDS - these stands can be used for displaying fibulas, and also buckles and other objects - it gives them a bit of height. (Pls note you are paying for the large fibula stand in the right of the main photo - the left is a smaller prototype)

Not sure what you need? - select our sample pack and we'll send out one of each, and also one of each of our pin wall coin holders (see other listing). At some point the price will have to go up I'm afraid as we're selling these at a very low price.

P&P is per order. We will refund if you order different sizes.

Pls also see our pin wall display coin holders - perfect if space is limited. We also will have ring and brooch display stands available very soon.