PVC Tube Clear Plastic Hose/Pipe - Food Grade - Fish/Pond/Car/Aquariums/Air

PVC Tube Clear Plastic Hose/Pipe - Food Grade - Fish/Pond/Car/Aquariums/Air

Clear PVC Plastic Flexible Tube Hose- High Quality£££ Low Price £££

Long lasting PVC Tube Resits Hardening, Cracking & Discolouring Unlike Cheaper BrandsGOOD CLARITY - GOOD FLEXIBILTY - GOOD UV RESISTANCE

IDEALLY FORDIY, Home Brewing, Garden Water Pumps, Aquariums, Fish Tanks, Engineering, Windscreen Washer Tube, Water Cooling and Air Line. Temperature range from -20°C to +60°C  (Maximum +25°C for food contact applications)Please NoteIt is the customers responsibility to ensure suitability and safety of use 

                               Nominal Pipe Sizes in this listing  

I.D.(Internal Diameter) / O.D.(Outer Diameter) I.D.(Internal Diameter) / O.D.(Outer Diameter)3mm/6mm

12mm/15mm  4mm/6mm

13mm/19mm  (thick wall)5mm/8mm

16mm/19mm  6mm/9mm

19mm/22mm  8mm/11mm

19mm/25mm  (thick wall)9mm/12mm

25mm/31mm  (thick wall)10mm/13mm  





When ordering for imperial uses, here is a ready reckoner of equivalent metric sizes and suggested tubes.Imperial(ID - Internal Diameter)Metric ExactSuggested Metric Tube1/83.17 mm3mm (ID)5/323.97 mm4mm (ID)3/164.76 mm5mm (ID)1/46.35 mm6mm (ID)5/167.94 mm8mm (ID)3/89.53 mm9mm (ID) or 10mm (ID)1/212.7 mm12mm (ID) or 13mm (ID)5/815.8 mm16mm (ID)3/419.05 mm19mm (ID)1 inch25.4 mm25mm (ID)==================================================================== Manufactured from the best materials that the industry has available.This transparent, unreinforced, flexible tubing is made from food grade (food contact), FDA compliant, high quality materials.  It is therefore suitable for a wide range of applications where many liquids, gases, powders & fine granules are used ===================================================== 

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