1-2000 Pcs NERF Gun Refill Soft Darts Bullets Toy Gun N -Strike Round Head Blast

1-2000 Pcs NERF Gun Refill Soft Darts Bullets Toy Gun N -Strike Round Head Blast

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for nerf and N-Strike Guns

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Get Ready im Reloaded....


NERF Gun Refill Soft Darts Bullets Toy Gun N -Strike

1-2000 Pcs

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Item Description

Get Ready im Reloaded....

Dart Colours to choose from:

BlueGlow in the Dark - White

Soft foam with rubber head - Nerf Gun Refill Bullets Darts For NERF N-Strike Series

100% Brand new and high quality!

The perfect gift for NERF N-Strike fans

Choose From Blue or Glow in the dark / White



Size Of Bullet / Darts:

7.2cm x 1.2cm

Type Of Bullet:

Blue Standard Round Headed Bullets /

White Glow In Th Dark Round Headed BulletsPLEASE NOTE: These are not Soft Nose type, they have Rubber heads.

Please Note: The Glow in the dark darts do need to absorb some daylight before hand, so they can glow when dark. So when they arrive please leave them by the window for some hours, then later at night when you use they will be ready to glow. This is normal and applies to all Glow in the Dark items.

Quantities Available:


1pc x Sample Soft Dart

50pcs X Soft Darts

100pcs X Soft Darts

200pcs X Soft Darts

300pcs X Soft Darts

400pcs X Soft Darts

500pcs X Soft Darts

1000pcs X Soft Darts

2000pcs X Soft Darts

Note: The Gun not includedWhat you Get: Please Select the colour first and then the qty of darts you need. 


Fast UK Shipping 

##### LIMITED TIME ONLY --- %50 OFF #####

Payment Policy Only PayPal is Accepted, May accept cheques from UK customers only after payment clears only then your items are posted. Immediate Payment is required after the Winning Bid. Item are shipped normally on the next business day of receiving full payment. Shipping Policy Combined Shipping Discounts are automatically adjusted. Shipping via royalmail. No P.O. Box Delivery No APO/FPO Delivery Paypal Confirmed Addresses Only   Returns Policy These items are Brand New. Actual Images of item are shown above RETURNS are Not accepted if opened and used.