Mobile Phone Repair Service.iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Xperia, HTC, LG, Nokia Repair

Mobile Phone Repair Service.iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Xperia, HTC, LG, Nokia Repair

Screen Damage or Charging Problem or Any Other Problem of your Any Device!!!Accidents happen. Sometimes a screen can get cracked or shattered. We?re here to help.ANY BRAND MOBILE PHONE REPAIR  SERVICE :- (APPLE, SAMSUNG, HTC, SONY XPERIA, NOKIA, WINDOWS, LG, ETC. . .)  ABOUT US Oh, hey there, how are you? Err, so, we need to tell you a little about ourselves. You see, we?re probably not the best with words and maybe we?re a little shy. But we?re great with phones; we love mobiles. And Tablets. And Laptops. A lot. And we know how much you guys love them too. So we also understand how lost you feel when something goes wrong. And that?s really why we?re here; to make things better, to get your device on the mend and to get you reconnected. WHY CHOOSE AYSHIID TECH? ? No-fix, no-fee policy; if we can?t get it working, you don?t pay? SIMPLE!. ? We won?t delete your data unless necessary and we?ll always get your permission first! ? Fast turnaround times with some screen repairs in as little as 15 minutes!. ? Competitive pricing to give offer unbeatable value using only the best OEM quality parts for repair. Of course, we know there?s a lot to choose from and we know how daunting it can be, so feel free to speak to one of our team to help get your device back on the mend? YOU WILL FIND DIFFERENT COMPANIES ONLINE OFFERING SAME SERVICE FOR ALMOST SAME PRICE BUT WHAT MAKE US DIFFERENT FROM THEM IS OUR SERVICE AND OUR COMMITMENT TO OUR WORK. WE ALWAYS MAKE SURE THAT YOUR ITEM WILL BE DELIVERED BACK TO YOU AFTER REPAIRING PERFECTLY WITHIN AGREED TIME. WE GIVE YOU GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL DEFINITELY LOVE THE SERVICE AND WORK AND YOU WILL RECOMMEND ME TO YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  POST Your PHONE TO or WALK IN TO: SAFARI INTERNATIONAL AYSHIID TECH 49 UPTON LANE FOREST GATE LONDON E7 9PA Working hours:Monday - Saturday: 10am to 7pmSunday: 11am to 4pm PLEASE HAVE A LOOK BELOW FOR YOUR REQUIRED REPAIR SERVICE: AND SEND US REQUIRED AMOUNT OFFER WHITH NOTE (describe repair service) through eBay TO GET YOUR DEVICE REPAIRED & AFTER WE ACCEPT YOUR REQUEST YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THE SERVICE AND THEN SIMPLY FOLLOW THE STEPS MENTIONED BELOW (how do we work).

iPhone 7 plus Complete LCD screen repair service- £85

iPhone 7 Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £79

iPhone 6s Plus Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £63

iPhone 6s Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £54

iPhone 6 Plus Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £45

iPhone 6 Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £38

iPhone SE Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £30

iPhone 5C Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £25

iPhone 5S Complete LCD Screen Replacement - £27

iPhone 5 Complete LCD Screen replacement - £25

iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s Complete LCD screen Replacement - £20

iPhone 3g or 3GS Touch screen Replacement - £15

iPad 2 Digitiser Glass Replacement - £25

iPad 3 Digitiser Glass Replacement - £25

iPad 4 Digitiser Glass Replacement - £25

iPad Air Digitiser Glass Replacement - £28

iPad Air 2 complete LCD digitizer Replacement - £135

iPad Mini Digitiser Glass Replacement - £28

iPad Mini 2 Digitiser Glass Replacement - £30

iPad Mini 3 Digitiser Glass Replacement - £40

iPad Mini 4 Complete LCD Digitizer Replacement - £130

iPod Touch 4 complete LCD Replacement - £25

iPod Touch 5 complete LCD Replacement - £60

iPhone 7 Charging Problem - £55

iPhone 6s Plus CHARGING PORT Replacement - £30

iPhone 6s CHARGING PORT Replacement - £30

iPhone 6 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £25

iPhone 6 Plus CHARGING PORT Replacement - £30

iPhone SE CHARGING PORT Replacement - £20

iPhone 5s CHARGING PORT Replacement - £20

iPhone 5c CHARGING PORT Replacement - £20

iPhone 5 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £20

iPhone 4/ 4s CHARGING PORT Replacement - £15

iPhone 3gs CHARGING PORT Replacement - £13

iPad 2 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £30

iPad 3 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £30

iPad 4 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £30

iPad Air CHARGING PORT Replacement - £35

iPad Air 2 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £55

iPad Mini CHARGING PORT Replacement - £35

iPad Mini 2 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £35

iPad Mini 3 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £35

iPad Mini 4 CHARGING PORT Replacement - £55

iPhone 6s BATTERY Replacement - £30

iPhone 6s Plus BATTERY Replacement - £35

iPhone 6 BATTERY Replacement - £30

iPhone 6 Plus BATTERY Replacement - £35

iPhone 5s BATTERY Replacement - £25

iPhone SE BATTERY Replacement - £25

iPhone 5c BATTERY Replacement - £25

iPhone 5 BATTERY Replacement - £20

iPhone 4/4s BATTERY Replacement - £15

iPhone 3gs BATTERY Replacement - £10

(Please Call Us If You need iPad Battery Replacement Service)

iPhone 6s / 6s Plus HOME BUTTON repair - £25 

iPhone 6/6 Plus/SE/5s/5c/5 HOME BUTTON repair - £20

iPhone 4 / 4s HOME BUTTON repair - £15

(feel free to call us if you require any other button repair service)

Samsung S3 Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement - £25

Samsung S3 Mini Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement -£22

Samsung S4 Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement -£27

Samsung S4 Mini Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement -£27

Samsung S5 Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement -£30

Samsung S5 Mini Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement -£28

Samsung Note 2 Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement - £30

Samsung Note 3 Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement - £35

Samsung Note 4 Cracked/Broken GLASS Replacement - £35


Samsung S3 - (Complete LCD screen) Replacement - £60

Samsung S3 Mini - (Complete LCD screen) Replacement - £40

Samsung S4 - (Complete LCD screen) Replacement - £65 

Samsung S4 Mini - (Complete LCD screen) Replacement - £65 

Samsung S5 - (Complete LCD screen) Replacement - £120 

Samsung S5 Neo - (Complete LCD screen) Replacement - £125 

Samsung S5 Mini - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £95 

Samsung S6 - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £165 

Samsung S6 Edge - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £185 

Samsung S7 - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £155 

Samsung S7 Edge - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £279 

Samsung Note 2 - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £109

Samsung Note 3 - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £119

Samsung Note 4 - (Complete LCD) Replacement - £134 

Samsung S3 CHARGING PORT Repair - £15

Samsung S3 Mini CHARGING PORT Repair - £15

Samsung S4 CHARGING PORT Repair - £20

Samsung S4 Mini CHARGING PORT Repair - £15

Samsung S5 / S5 Mini CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Samsung S6 / S6 Edge CHARGING PORT Repair - £40

Samsung S7 / S7 Edge CHARGING PORT Repair - £45

Samsung Note 2 CHARGING PORT Repair - £ 20

Samsung Note 3 CHARGING PORT Repair - £ 25

Samsung Note 4 CHARGING PORT Repair - £ 35

Samsung Note 5 CHARGING PORT Repair - £ 40

Samsung S6 BATTERY Replacement - £25

Samsung S6 Edge BATTERY Replacement - £25

Samsung Note 5 BATTERY Replacement - £35

Xperia Z – LCD SCREEN Replacement - £40 

Xperia Z1 – LCD SCREEN Replacement - £40 

Xperia Z2 – LCD SCREEN Replacement - £40 

Xperia Z3 – LCD SCREEN Replacement - £45 

Xperia Z3 Compact – LCD SCREEN Replacement - £50 

Xperia Z3 Plus / Z4 - LCD SCREEN Replacement - £60

Xperia Z5 LCD Screen Replacement - £60

Xperia Z5 Compact/ Mini LCD Screen Replacement - £85 

Xperia Z5 Premium LCD Screen Replacement - £75

Xperia XA LCD Screen Replacement - £109

Xperia XZ LCD Screen Replacement - £99

Xperia X LCD Screen Replacement - £79 

Xperia X Compact LCD Screen Replacement - £99 

Xperia Z CHARGING PORT Repair - £20

Xperia Z1 CHARGING PORT Repair - £20

Xperia Z1 Compact CHARGING PORT Repair - £20

Xperia Z2 CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z3 CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z3 Compact CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z3 Plus CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z4 CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z5 CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z5 Compact/ Mini CHARGING PORT Repair - £25

Xperia Z5 Premium CHARGING PORT Repair - £30

Xperia XA CHARGING PORT Repair - £40

Xperia XZ CHARGING PORT Repair - £40

Xperia X CHARGING PORT Repair - £40

Xperia X Compact CHARGING PORT Repair - £40

Xperia Z BATTERY - £20

Xperia Z1 BATTERY - £20

Xperia Z1 Compact BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z2 BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z3 BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z3 Compact BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z3 Plus BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z4 BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z5 BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z5 Compact/ Mini BATTERY - £25

Xperia Z5 Premium BATTERY - £35

Xperia XA BATTERY - £35

Xperia XZ BATTERY - £40

Xperia X BATTERY - £40

Xperia X Compact BATTERY - £40 

HTC M7 - LCD SCREEN - £45 

HTC M8 – LCD SCREEN - £60 

HTC M9 - LCD SCREEN - £55 

HTC 510 - LCD SCREEN - £40 

HTC 610 - LCD SCREEN - £40

HTC One Mini - LCD SCREEN - £55 

HTC M8 Mini - LCD SCREEN - £60 

HTC M10 - LCD SCREEN - £75 




HTC 510 - CHARGING PORT - £ 20

HTC 610 - CHARGING PORT - £ 20

HTC One Mini - CHARGING PORT - £25 

HTC M8 Mini - CHARGING PORT - £ 25

HTC M7 - BATTERY - £ 25

HTC M8 - BATTERY - £ 25

HTC M9 - BATTERY - £ 25

HTC 510 - BATTERY - £ 20

HTC 610 - BATTERY - £ 20

HTC One Mini - BATTERY - £ 25 

HTC M8 Mini - BATTERY - £ 25

LG G4 - LCD SCREEN - £75

LG G4c - LCD SCREEN - £89 

LG G3 – LCD SCREEN - £75 

LG G2 - LCD SCREEN - £55 

LG Nexus 4 - LCD SCREEN - £55 

LG Nexus 5 - LCD SCREEN - £59 





LG Nexus 4 - CHARGING PORT - £25 

LG Nexus 5 - CHARGING PORT - £25

LG G2 - BATTERY - £20 

LG Nexus 4 - BATTERY - £20

LG Nexus 5 - BATTERY - £25* take out your sim card, * there is almost 0% chance that you will loose your data but still we recommend please creat a backup before you send your phone, our job is concerned with hardware so we do not take responsibility of data 

FAST TURN AROUND!!! FREE ROYAL MAIL DELIVERY SERVICE BACK!!!NO FIX NO FEE!!! If you require further information please feel free to message us via eBay

Postage/Drop Off DetailsPlease post or drop off just your iPhone only no charger, case, no original box or cables to:Ayshiid Tech49 UPTON LANEFOREST GATELONDONE7 9PA NOTE: Please ensure the Device is packaged securely to stop any damage in transit, please don't send the Device  in it's original box


PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO CONTACT US FOR QUOTES REGARDING PROBLEMS LISTED BELOW FOR ANY BRAND?S MOBILE PHONE: 1. Power/Home/Volume Button Repair 2. No Wi-Fi signal 3. Not ringing - Ringer unit Replacement 4. Loud Speaker not working 5. Backlight Problem 6. Not Powering 7.SIM Reader Problem 8. Charging port repair/replacement 9. Home/power/volume button repair/replacement 10. Battery replacement 11. Water Damaged (Some Water Damaged CAN NOT be fixed: NO GUARANTEE)  How do we work? · Randomly walk in to: 49 UPTON LANE FOREST GATE LONDON E7 9PA 

 · Get Repaired Through POST: POST YOUR DEVICE ON ADDRESS BELOW: AYSHIID TECH 49 UPTON LANE FOREST GATE LONDON E7 9PA  WE USE HIGH QUALITY OEM PARTS FOR ALL OF OUR REPAIRS.YOU CAN CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUERY.WE DO NOT DELIVER ON SUNDAY(INC. BANK HOLIDAYS).WE CAN BE CONTACTED DURING OUR WORKING HOURS MONDAY TO SUNDAY 7:00AM TO 11:00PM ON: 07944622444(PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND A TEXT MESSAGE OR WHATSAPP US IF THERE IS NO ANSWER DURING BUSY PERIODS WITH YOUR ENQUIRY AND WE WILL GET BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)YOU CAN EMAIL US ON: REPAIRS@AYSHIIDTECH.CO.UKTHIS REPAIR COMES WITH 14 DAYS WARRANTY, THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE (CRACKED SCREENS/WATER DAMAGE/WARRANTY LABEL TAMPERED WITH)  =>>LAPTOP/MacBook REPAIRS AND TABLET REPAIR SERVICE <<= Whether it?s a broken charging port or display issues, when your laptop goes down, work seems to stop. Yeah, you can manage some stuff with your smartphone or tablet, but without your laptop, it?s like batting with one hand tied behind your back. That?s why we offer a premium laptop service to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Key features include: ? Obligation-free consultation and quote ? No-Fix, No-Fee repair service ? Full range of services from: o screen repairs o keyboard issues o power faults o virus clean-ups o Data recovery o software re-builds o hard drive replacement o RAM replacement  Follow these steps to get Mobile repaired STEP 1 Remove any or all memory and SIM cards from the phone

Remove the sim&memory STEP 2 Put the Mobile Phone, along with your contact details and address in a Jiffy bag

Put in Jiffy bag STEP 3 Post the parcel to Our Repair Center AYSHIID TECH 49 UPTON LANE FOREST GATE LONDON E7 9PA

Parcel to us STEP 4 ?Once we received your device, we will repair it same day ?We will Test your repaired device to make sure it is correctly repaired ?We will send back your device same working day STEP 5 ?Once you receive your repaired device back and if you find anything that doesn't make you satisfied! Simply call us within 14 days and we will discuss your issue. ? We assure you that we will give you full support regarding same fault which we repaired for you. ? Make sure you return your device within 14 days if necessary ? We are Always here happy to help you.   -:SHIPPING:-ALL ITEMS ARE SENT VIA ROYAL MAIL UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. STANDARD ITEMS ARE SENT EITHER VIA ROYAL MAIL 1ST CLASS/ ROYAL MAIL 1ST CLASS SIGNED FOR. IF YOU  FEEL THE ITEM HAS NOT ARRIVED WITHIN A REASONABLE TIME PERIOD PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE OPENING A DISPUTE OR LEAVING NEGATIVE/NEUTRAL FEEDBACK.IF YOU CLAIM TO HAVE RECEIVED A  FAULTY/DAMAGED ITEM, WE REQUIRE FULL PROOF OF THIS BEFORE PROCESSING A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT.WE WORK OUR HARDEST AND THRIVE FOR 5* FEEDBACK. IF YOU FEEL WE DO NOT DESERVE 5 STARS PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE LEAVING FEEDBACK. PLEASE NOTE: ROYAL MAIL 1ST CLASS SIGNED FOR PROVIDES PROOF OF DELIVERY AND INSURANCE COVER UPTO £46, IF YOU FEEL YOUR DEVICE IS WITH MORE THAN £46, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CHOOSE THE CORRECT POSTAGE OPTION.   -:RETURNS:- WE ACCEPT RETURNS WITHIN 14 DAYS. ITEMS MUST BE IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING AND RETURNED IN THE SAME CONDITION IN WHICH THEY WERE SENT. A REFUND WILL NOT BE MADE UNTIL ALL ITEMS ARE RETURNED TO US. AND HAVE BEEN CHECKED TO BE IN SATISFACTORY CONDITION. SHIPPING AND HANDLING CHARGES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE MADE IN THE SAME PAYMENT METHOD AS THE ORIGINAL PAYMENT. PLEASE NOTE WE REPAIR MOBILE AND LAPTOPS FROM EXPERT AND HIGHLY EXPERIENCED TECHNICIAN AND OUR ONLY AIM TO SATISFY YOU BECAUSE CUSTOMER'S SATISFACTION IS OUR REAL GAIN...  Ayshiid Tech Service Terms & Conditions All repaired phones are covered by a 14 days return policy for the treated fault. Should the same fault occur again, we will fix the fault; if this is not possible within a reasonable time frame, we will offer a refund. If a part is faulty, we will replace the same part, unless there is evidence of impact damage; e.g. if a device is in for a broken screen, which is replaced, if the screen does not respond, then we will replace the screen. However, if the screen has evidence of physical impact damage or water damage, then we cannot be liable for this. No refunds are available for unlocking, so please check the phone before leaving. Ayshiid Tech can't be held responsible for any loss of data. We recommend a full data back-up on all handsets. This does not apply to phones booked in specifically for data recovery. This does not affect your statutory rights. All phones should be checked to ensure they are not barred by the network. If work is carried out on a handset i.e. repair and / or unlocking and the phone is subsequently found to be barred, you are still liable to pay for the work undertaken. With respect to our "no fix, no fee" policy. if a handset cannot be fixed, we will return it without charging for the repair. Where postage is necessary, appropriate charges will apply. However, if a phone is BER, we can also dispose of the handset in an environmentally friendly manner 1. All repairs (unless otherwise stated) 1.1 We shall make all reasonable efforts to repair your Device subject to the availability of any parts required. We shall perform the Services using our utmost care and skill. 1.2 Any time estimate for completion of the service, which may be given to you, is an estimate only and does not form any obligation 1.3 We shall notify you when the Device has been repaired and is available for collection. If you do not collect the Device within 30 days, we may dispose of the Device. Any sum obtained on disposal will be used to meet any unpaid estimate or repair charges you are liable to pay and any remaining balance will be sent to you or will remain payable by you accordingly.

1.4 If we are unable to complete the Service for any reason, or the Service will incur further costs payable by you, we will notify you immediately. 1.5 We will keep your device until all charges payable have been paid. 1.6 Using of our repair services may void your 1 year Apple or any other manufacturer warranty. If you would like to avoid this then please bring your device to the manufacturer. 1.7 Devices not collected within 20 days from the moment we received them for repair will be removed from our premises and disposed without and form of compensation from Ayshiid Tech (of its owners) and possibility of getting them back. 3 Liability 3.1 Any data or information that you may have stored on the Device shall remain your sole responsibility and we accept no liability for loss or corruption of such data howsoever caused and we therefore highly recommend that you back up your Devices on your personal computer prior to your repair. It is your responsibility to keep a record of any such data. Saying this we can with permission backup your devices information onto a secure disk if requested which may help in the restoration of personal data if needed. 4. Data Protection 4.1 We ask for your name and address and contact number or the other details to put with your device so that we can contact you easily regarding your device repair service. We assure you that these personal data of our customers will be protected and confidential. 5. Refund Policy 5.1 Our policy lasts 14 days. If 14 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can?t offer you a refund or exchange. 5.2 To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging. 5.3 Several types of goods are exempt from being returned, such as replacement parts installed as part of the service. 5.4 To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase. 5.5 To return your product, you should mail your product to: 49 Upton Lane, Forest Gate, E7 9PA London. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund. 6. Not collected devices 6.1 If you use walk in service, we only keep your device for 30 days from the moment you brought it for repair and got informed about repair time needed. If you don?t contact us for further arrangements and not collect it within 30 days, your device is being disposed without chance of getting it back and any kind of compensation from our side. 




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