Mcdonalds 2019 Monopoly

Mcdonalds 2019 Monopoly
Condition Note

Peely Peely!

Discounted shipping when ordering multiple tokens to the same address ;)

M102 The Angel, Islington (£30 Fashion), M104 Pentonville Road (£30 Fashion), M108 Bow Street (Headphones), M110 Vine STreet (Headphones), M106 Whitehall (£50 Sports Fashion), M118 Oxford Street (Mini), M117 Regent Street (Mini), M116 Piccadilly (£2000 Holiday), M114 Leicester Square (£2000 Holiday), M120 Park Lane (£100K Cash), M105 Pall Mall (£50 Sports Fashion), M113 Trafalgar Square (Games Console), M112 Fleet Street (Games Console), M123 Marylebone Station (Phone + 1 Yr Contract), M124 Fenchurch St. Station (Phone + 1 Yr Contract), M122 Kings Cross Station (Phone + 1 Yr Contract), M101 Whitechapel Road (Med Extra Value Meal)