Gold Silver Plated Bitcoin Ethereum And Litecoin Coin Casascius Souvenir Bitcoin

Gold Silver Plated Bitcoin Ethereum And Litecoin Coin Casascius Souvenir Bitcoin

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Well crafted tangible coin that shines like pure gold or Silver: Diameter = 1.5" 3 mm thick Net Weight: 1 Oz(28g)

Beautiful souvenir or novelty piece. Perfect challenge coin, conversation starter or geocaching item

Must have memorabilia piece for every Bitcoin enthusiast. Postage Options Postage Items are posted when cleared payment is received. We post items daily (Monday - Saturday),

except Public Holidays, via Royal Mail. We post items via standard post.

Other postal options are available and recommended if you require your item urgently.

If you require a tracking number for your order then please

choose one of the following where available on the listing:

If you place an order before 4pm it will be posted the same day,

if you place an order after 4pm it will be posted the next working day. Delivery times: UK: - 1-2 working days

Europe: - 5-7 working days

Rest of the world: - 5-7 working days