1 pcs Vintage 5/6 Coins Chinese Knot Red Copper Feng Shui Wealth Success POPs

1 pcs Vintage 5/6 Coins Chinese Knot Red Copper Feng Shui Wealth Success POPs

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Note: other accessories do not include!!!
Conditions: 100% new material!
Name: five emperor car hanger
Material: Brass
Weight: one about 35 grams
1, copper money is rigid, and the five elements belong to gold. The strength of copper absorbing gas field is better than that of gold and silver. Therefore, copper money has a strong role in resolving the problem.
2, the copper money is round, the outer circle represents the day, the inner representative place, the middle emperor's year number represents the person, ""heaven, the land, the man"", thus has the energy of turning the world into the world.
3, the five emperors of Shunzhi, Kangxi, Yong Zheng, Qian Long and Jiaqing are in a strong Chinese national power age, the times are connected, the national transportation is prosperous, the society is stable and prosperous, the emperors are unique, the people are happy, the money is well cast, the circulation is long, and the spirit of ""heaven, the land and the people"", so it can keep the house, transform the brakes and have the function of rich money.
1, due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3mm error. Please do not mind your bid.
2, due to the differences between different monitors, pictures may not reflect the actual color of the project. Thank you very much
Thank you for your understanding.
Packing list:
1* pcs