5 Sheets Of Coloured Tissue Paper Acid Free 75 x 50cm Luxury Wrap Gift Wrapping

5 Sheets Of Coloured Tissue Paper Acid Free 75 x 50cm Luxury Wrap Gift Wrapping

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*/border:1px solid;}.pic_gallery .pic_set:hover .pic_lg {display:block;left:0%;top:0%;} About Us Feedback Contact Us Add to favourites   10 Sheets Of Quality Acid Free Tissue Paper Sheets

Product Description

These high quality acid free tissue paper will add a burst of colour to your packaging which are available in a variety of beautiful coloursThese tissues are soft and manageable with 1 side being machine glazedMade with 100% WOOD PULP and a regulated neutral pH value to ensure tarnish free protectionIdeal for a number of applications including wrapping, basket filing, gift wrapping, crafts, void fills etc.


Available in 21 stunning colours including gold & silver16gsm (except silver & gold)Silver & gold 19gsm Bleed freeAcid & chlorine free           Sheet size 750 x 500mm (20x30")

Shipping Payment Returns Delivery InformationWe offer free shipping on all our ordersAll orders paid before 12pm will be sent the same working day. Any order paid for after 12pm will be posted next working day (MONDAY-FRIDAY).Free delivery via Royal Mail 2nd class delivery service or via Parcel Force 48 depending on the weight of the package.Please allow 3-5 working days for Royal mail to deliver Free shipping to UK mainland only unless the package is 2kg or under Methods of PaymentPlease make payment with Paypal ReturnsWe offer a 30 day no hassle refund/exchange policy. If the product is defective we will replace like for like product once the item has been returned to us.

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