5M 300 LED RGB+Remote Control Light Strip Tape XMAS Kitchen Cabinet Ceiling 12V

5M 300 LED RGB+Remote Control Light Strip Tape XMAS Kitchen Cabinet Ceiling 12V

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High quality LED strip lights for indoor use. Ideal for creating accented lighting in the house or any commercial space, or in the car. The uses really are unlimited, everything from kitchen cabinets to ceilings to display cabinets to arts & crafts.

The RGB Multicoloured strips have Red, Green, and Blue alternating LED's and can be set to light any one or a combination of these colours. The RGB strips can also be made to cycle between different effects such as flash, strobe, smooth fade etc.

The LED's are superbright and are spaced at a pitch of 60 LED's per meter. Should you find 5m is too long for your use, the strip can be trimmed every 3 LED's (cutting guides are visible on the strips).

IP20 and IP65 LED strips also have a self adhesive backing tape already applied. Just peel and attach to any dry/dust free surface. The stickiness, just like any tape, will depend on the material and location you use it. If you are using it on metals/plastics/woods the stickiness will be less as well as if there is any adverse pressure on it. If you need secure fitting we advise using either clamps or silicon adhesive for a permanent fitting. The self-adhesive fixing is meant for light use only or for temporary positioning.

IP67 and IP68 led strips are not self-adhesive. These are silicone tube enclosed and are meant to be used in excessively wet or underwater areas, and teh adhesive would fail. It is recommended these are fixed either with LED strip clamps or a waterproof sealant such as bathroom silicone.

The single colour LED's can be wired directly in to any 12v source or be connected to an AC adaptor, the RGB lights can be wired up but require a special adaptor. The AC Adaptor is available as an optional extra..

The remote control and receiver are included and supplied with the RGB lights.

We are so confident that you will be not be disappointed  with these that we offer a 14-Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee.

Condition: New
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