Functional Python Programming Create Expressive Implementations / Read Details /

Functional Python Programming Create Expressive Implementations / Read Details /

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Book DescriptionPython’s easy-to-learn and extensible abilities offer a number of functional programming features for you to bring into your workflow, especially in the realm of data science.If you’re a Python developer who wants to discover how to take the power of functional programming and bring it into your own programs then this book is essential for you, even if you know next to nothing about the paradigm. Starting with a general overview of functional concepts you’ll explore common functional features such as first-class and higher-order functions, pure functions and more, and how these are accomplished in Python to give you the core foundations you’ll build upon. After that, you’ll discover common functional optimizations for Python to help your apps reach even higher speeds. You'll also explore data preparation techniques and data exploration in depth, along with learning how the Python standard library fits the functional programming model. Finally, to top off your journey into the world of function Python you’ll at look at the PyMonad project and some larger examples to put everything into perspective.

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