Grosgrain Ribbon in 64 Plain Solid Colours 1/3 Metre Cuts White Black Silver

Grosgrain Ribbon in 64 Plain Solid Colours 1/3 Metre Cuts White Black Silver

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PaymentShop home 1/3 Metre Plain Grosgrain Ribbon

Product Description Our plain coloured grosgrain ribbon is soft and textured with woven edges. Made from 100% polyester it is machine washable and comes in 64 beautiful colours and 8 widths.

Pictures show 38mm grosgrain for colour representation only. Perfect for card making, headpieces, bows, arts & crafts, dress making, gift wrapping, weddings, birthdays, scrap booking, cake decoration and other occasions.

All of our ribbon meets the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II certification, this ensures the ribbon is safe to use in applications where direct contact with the skin is made e.g. underwear, bed linen, terry cloth items, shirts, blouses etc.

Orders placed before 1pm will be sent the same day, urgent orders can be upgraded to 1st class post on the checkout page.

Please see below for information about our ‘Buy 3 Get 1 Free’ offer.

Payment Shipping Returns Offer 'Buy 3 Get 1 Free'

This offer is a great way for you to save money by getting an extra cut of ribbon completely free. This offer spans across most of our listings allowing you to pick 4 different colours or styles from the same listing. Alternatively you can mix & match across any other listings that this offer applies to. As an example you could purchase a cut of our fold over elastic, cartoon ribbon, plain coloured grosgrain and receive a length of polka dot or star printed grosgrain free.

To apply this offer please add all of the items to your basket before going to the checkout page, eBay will then automatically deduct the cost of every 4th item. There is no limit to this offer so every 4th item in your basket will be free, if you have 12 items in your basket you will pay for just 9.

Please note that if no 4th item is added to your basket and you purchase only 3 we will send a 4th item based on the items purchased.

Payment is accepted through PayPal only, we appreciate immediate payment so that we can ship your item as soon as possible. Orders placed before 1pm Monday-Friday (excl. Bank Holidays) are sent the same day, orders placed after 1pm will be sent the next working day.

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