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Russia 1987 Naval Commanders complete set of 5v. (sheetlet) (SG 5824-5828) used
Liberia 1997 Princess Diana Memorial (B&W Portraits) m/s of 4 values MNH
Samoa 1986 SG 732 Flying Boat Aircraft MNH
Liberia 1997 Princess Diana Memorial (Dresses) miniature sheet of 3 values MNH
Netherlands 1952 SG 754 Stamp Centenary Railway Used
1945 SR Winston Churchill Battle of Britain Class 4-6-2 Train Stamps / LOCO 100
Russia 1983 Aleksandrov/Composer/Music/National Anthem/Score/People 1v (n34112)
Chile 1938 SG 338j Locomotive Railway Used
Ajman 1973 Sir Winston Churchill MNH M/S #D76335
Tuvalu Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother MS SG#MS342
Ireland American Presbyterian Society 1v SG#513
Mexico 1976 Pablo Casals/Music/Musicians/Composers/People 1v (n34038)
Turkey 40th Anniversary of Battle of Dumlupinar 3v SG#1980-1982 SC#1550-1552
Australia King George VI Queen Elizabeth 4v No Watermark SG#236-237d
South Korea 10th Fire Prevention Day 1v SG#1077
Lesotho 1982 Birds of Lesotho short set of 6 values (SG 437-40; 504, 505) MNH
PORTSMOUTH Pompey FA CUP Winners 1939 Football Stamps (Jimmy Guthrie & KGVI)
Turkey 75th Anniversary of Fine Arts Academy Istanbul 2v SG#1657-1658
Turkey 50th Anniversary of Turkish Force 3v SG#1940-1942
Turkey 11th Congress of World Medical Association 2v SG#1681-1682 MI#1526-1527
Turkey 20th Death Anniversary of Ersoy poet 3v SG#1644-1646 MI#1509-1511
USA 1965 Albert Einstein/Scientists/Physics/Science/People/Space 1v (n40104)
Luxembourg 1968 Red Cross/Medical/Blood 1v (n25843)
USA 1948 California Gold Rush/Metal/Minerals/Mining/Mill/History 1v (n40805)