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1941 UP Big Boy Class 4000 4-8-8-4 (Union Pacific) Train Stamps / LOCO 100
TV Times Queen ElizabethII 60th Birthday Souvenir Album &12 Commemorative Stamps
Russia 1983 Aircraft/ Gliders complete set of 5 values (SG 5301-5305) used
Russia 1988 Victory Day/Military/End of WWII/War/Soldiers/Peace 1v (n44068)
USA 1965 JFK/John F Kennedy/Politics/People/Politicians 1v (n40039)
France 1956 Leprosy/Medical/Health/Welfare/Leper Colony/Palm Trees 1v (n42808)
1983 British Antartic Territory Manned Flight 119-122 Unmounted Mint set
WWII US Navy DOUGLAS DAUNTLESS SBD-5 Scout/Dive Bomber Aircraft Stamp (Liberia)
GB 50th anniversary of sinking of Bismarck 2 covers different handstamps 1991
Thematic stamp packet: 25 Queen Mother stamps
Nepal 1974 National Anthem/Music/Musical Score/Singing/Song 2v set (n39541)
Russia 1971 SG 3918-20 Space Moon Exploration MNH
Russia 1978 SG 4815 Space Communication Tower MNH
Thematic stamp packet: 50 Animal Wildlife on stamps
Thematic stamp packet: 50 Birds on stamps
BULGARIA 1968 SG1770/1771 Cosmic Activities Set MNH (JB3030)
WWII RAF Supermarine SPITFIRE Mk.V Fighter Aircraft Stamp (2018 Gibraltar)
1954 SNCF Class BB-12000 Electric Locomotive France Train Stamps / LOCO 100
RAF HAWKER SIDDELEY NIMROD MR2 Aircraft Stamp (2013 Ascension Island)
Ras al Khaima 1966 Churchill Commemoration complete set of 3v (SG 12-14) used
AMTRAK GM EMD Class F40/F40PH No.222 Diesel Train Locomotive Stamp
DRB (German Railways) Class 41 2-8-2 Goods Train Steam Locomotive Stamp
French Railways (SNCF) Class Z7100 EMU Electric Multiple Unit Train Stamp
GS&WR (Great Southern and Western Railway Ireland) 2-2-2 #36 Steam Train Stamp
Japan Railways (JGR) Class 860 2-4-2 Tank Locomotive Train Stamp